Protect high contact surfaces against Microbes

How often have you disinfected a surface but were always unsure if it remained disinfected. What if some infected person kept his/her hand on the door knob you just wiped down. Would you again wipe the door knob . And what about the elevator buttons in your office space or house.

These objects of daily use need to be protected at 24/7 round the clock and that is why prolonged Anti Microbial protection needs to be applied in offices, restaurants, homes, schools,vehicles and other places.

The advantages of the coating are

  • Thorough Disinfection
  • Long term retentive/prolonged disinfection
  • Does not wash off after application


How does the coating work?

Anti Microbial action


The CF Shield forms an invisible anit microbial coating . This  residual disinfectant layer is formed through Silane bonds with Quaternary Ammonium compounds. These coating after drying produces millions of +ve charged spikes . These + ve ions attract the -ve charges virus . SARS CoV 2 is an example of such a negatively charged Virus. The spikes have the ability to puncture the enveloped virus and deactivate them.




anti microbial shield 2

How long does the coating last?

The CF shield has been checked in laboratory conditions to exhibit anti microbial activity for over 90 days.

However as it is impossible to verify we suggest a period of 30 days as a safe period for re-coating especially in times like this when the virus is prevalent and growing