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Stay healthy in the Corona Lockdown -Simple( but Practical ) Guide -From Clean Fanatic

If in January 2020, we had spoken about terms like so social distancing, Lockdown, Janata Curfew, pandemic ,incubation and Corona virus we would have got strange looks.  Today it is a part of our daily conversations. How  does mind manage to stay healthy in the Corona Lockdown. It has to adjust to a whole new way of functioning . We have never been in such a Black swan event which means we are in a completely  uncharted territory . This Stay healthy in the Corona lockdown guide from Clean Fanatic tries to address that issue

This is the first pandemic in the social media era and within comes an overload of information. Some information is useful and then there are rumours and conspiracy theories . We are dealing with an  “ infodemic”. This coupled with vulnerability of any one getting infected with Corona has created an atmosphere of fear.

Let us step back for a while to understand how does our mind react in times of stress. The stress response — also known as the fight, flight, or freeze response — is the nervous system’s way of ensuring a person survives danger.


The battle reaction happens when you feel you’re in harm’s way, yet you trust you can overwhelm the risk. Your brain sends messages to your body to rapidly set you up for the physical requests of battling.


At the point when you trust you can conquer the threat by fleeing, your brain readies your body for flight. Now and then, fleeing is your best alternative.


When you feel neither running or fighting is the best choice, you can freeze

Now that we have looked at the typical stress responses -the present situation is similar to a freeze situation. In this the body reduces /shuts down the systems which are not essential  like ovulation or food digestion. Another manifestation could be that the heart rate slows down to preserve blood flow . There is a feeling of numbness and dread

Non -essential body functions don’t respond that rapidly as the mind activates a very different sequence of autonomic nervous system arousal. Prolonged and high levels of stress leads to increased cortisol levels leading to heart and cardio vascular disease.

How do we solve it?

Humans are creatures of habit and if we  follow a simple S.E.L. F methodology  we can counter the stress and stay healthy in the Corona lockdown. The idea is to have a set regimen incorporating the steps below so that our neurons become attuned to the routine amidst the new chaos. Neuroscientists have a favourite term on this–“Neurons that fire together wire together!!”

The S.E.L.F methodology is adapted from Kathleen Hall, founder of The Stress Institute and Mindful Living Network.

S- Serenity

Bring your brain to a low stress or serene mode. The brain is restless and seeks calmness. Some of the ways that can help us to get to serene mode are practices like  Yoga , Tai Chi , Meditation or anything which has the capability of connecting our body to our minds. To reduce the stress you have to focus on your breath, practice mindfulness which helps clear the mind. These practices are well explained in numerous ted talks and in the entire you tube network. A few apps listed below are also very helpful

Duration – 10 -20 minutes



10% happier

Art of Living– Meditations, Yoga


The calming effects of exercise cannot be over emphasized. This could release any pent up emotions or stress and help you focus on the gaining physical and mental toughness as well as increased energy. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins which are natural pain killers and mood enhancers. When the body is busy, the mind is distracted from the daily worries and can think creatively.

Duration –20-30 minutes


Fitness Blender



Spend time with your family in the house or over video calls and phone if they are not in town . Check with your elderly folks.  it is rare that you get so much free time and it is always nice to hear them out in their twilight years. You will be surprised by the number od interesting stories they have). Remember no man is an island, you are as resilient as you are socially connected. Connecting with people will always help you spend less time brooding over issues alone in your head. Take out those Board games that bought long back but never had the time to play with. If you are living alone get on the phone, zoom or Skype and connect with relatives, long lost cousins or friends you haven’t interacted with for some time.


No Tools – just your time


Stay away from stress eating rather eat for increased immunity as well as increased energy, Increased intake on food will lower  Consuming natural foods rich in B6 such as banana, nuts is recommended. Lack of B6,b12 and B9( Folate) are directly related to onset of depression so do stock up on these if you start feeling low. Complex carbohydrates found in fruits and vegetable provide nourishment to the brain by slowly releasing energy and develop a healthy body and leads into a healthy mind. Avoid alcohol as it a depressant and a strong substance of abuse. Do moderate your sugar and caffeine intake.



Scientific Nutrition

Spreadsheet this regimen as it helps in concentrating the efforts and maintaining a routine. It is better to do this every day .It takes a month to make and break a habit . Be kind to yourself , a few  misses are not too bad as long as you can come back with the same energy!!

 One small tip before we end.

Two emotions which alter brain for positive thinking are pride and gratitude.

Take pride in what you have done over the last few days- may be you have helped someone out, may be you have developed a new skill . Focus on those things which give a shine on you.

Practice gratitude as that is the one single exercise which rewires your brain . This is a good time to maintain a gratitude journal and write down a list every single day for the things you are grateful about. You could even use a gratitude app to record happy moments each day.

Stay healthy in this lock down with tips  from Clean Fanatic -Bangalores’s leading deep cleaning service company

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